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Information for Current Student-Athletes


Being selected for a varsity athletic team at Wentworth is considered a privilege, rather than a right.  As student-athletes, you are considered ambassadors to the Institute and your actions, both on and off the playing field, are a direct reflection of Wentworth Institute of Technology and the image it projects, on campus, in the community, and at other institutions.

Listed below you will find departmental policies for student-athletes, required forms to be a member of a varsity team (both compliance and sports medicine), links to many resources on and off campus.


Student-Athlete Policies

NCAA/Wentworth Compliance Forms



(Required by ALL student-athletes. This form registers you for the NCAA compliance paperwork portal. HOWEVER, it is not automatic; forms will be uploaded to the NCAA portal on a regular basis)

(Recommended for all first-year student-athletes. This creates an NCAA ID which assists the compliance office with generating the NCAA Compliance Forms)

(Required to be printed and signed by the student-athlete and parent(s) ONLY if the student-athlete is under 18 at the time of signing the online form. Student-Athletes older than 18 should NOT fill this out as it is filled out when you complete your online NCAA forms)

(Required to be filled out by ALL new student-athletes wishing to try out for a varsity sport) 

(Required to be filled out by all RETURNING student-athletes wishing to try out for a varsity sport) 

(for ALL first-time international student-athletes)

(to be used if you are looking to transfer from Wentworth to another Division III school; transfers to Division I and II schools require a release from the NCAA Compliance Officer)


Sports Medicine Forms


Resources and Links

 Excess Sports Accident Insurance